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Case Study

Web Design, Development and Hosting for NOVUS by Croft

Client Introduction:

NOVUS, a dynamic company in search of a revamped online presence, sought the expertise of Croft, a marketing agency that specialises in web design and development. The partnership between NOVUS and Croft was initiated through a referral from a mutual contact, leading to a long-term collaboration. When NOVUS were introduced to Croft its existing website required modernisation, mobile optimisation, and improved functionality. NOVUS required a website that not only looked professional but also provided an informative and easy to navigate experience for its users.

The Solution:

Croft's team collaborated closely with NOVUS to understand their requirements. They created a detailed plan to refresh the website, ensuring a modern design and enhanced functionality that reflected NOVUS' brand identity. The new website was built with a user-friendly Content Management System (CMS), allowing NOVUS to independently manage and update their content, giving them flexibility and autonomy with their new solution.

Results and Impact:

The collaboration between Croft and NOVUS led to substantial improvements:

Enhanced User Experience: The new website design and improved functionality resulted in a more engaging and user-friendly experience, contributing to increased visitor satisfaction.

Content Autonomy: NOVUS gained the ability to manage their website content independently, ensuring timely updates and relevance without dependency on external support.

Cost Savings: Hosting the website on Croft's dedicated server saved NOVUS from potentially high hosting costs while ensuring a reliable online presence.

Long-Term Partnership: The successful transformation of NOVUS' website led to a long-term partnership between NOVUS and Croft, enabling collaboration between the two entities on an ongoing basis.


The NOVUS project showcases Croft's commitment to delivering comprehensive web solutions. By addressing design concerns, improving functionality, and offering cost-effective hosting, Croft not only met NOVUS' immediate needs but also laid the foundation for a long-term collaborative relationship. The case study demonstrates Croft’s commitment to providing clients with user-friendly CMS solutions and flexible hosting options. The before-and-after photos showcase the remarkable transformation achieved on NOVUS’s website.

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