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Case Study

Transformative Website Development for TJS Solutions by Croft

Client Overview:

TJS Solutions, a leading provider of bespoke training solutions, approached Croft, with a need for a new website. The existing online presence did not adequately showcase their products and services, and TJS Solutions sought a custom-coded solution that would outperform off-the-shelf website builders such as WIX. The goal was to create a visually appealing, user-friendly website that reflected the company's values and effectively communicated their offerings.

TJS Solutions needed a website that not only looked impressive but also performed exceptionally well, surpassing the limitations of generic website builders. The website had to seamlessly integrate with TJS Solutions' bespoke training management system, allowing for efficient course management.

The Solution – Croft's Expertise:

Croft embarked on a comprehensive analysis of TJS Solutions' requirements and business ethos. Leveraging their design prowess, Croft provided a refreshing redesign using the existing company logo and photos. The new design not only enhanced the visual appeal of the website but also maintained brand consistency, reinforcing TJS Solutions' identity.

Recognizing the need for future scalability and adaptability, Croft implemented a forward-thinking approach in the development process. By incorporating the latest web technologies and coding practices, the website was future-proofed, ensuring longevity and ease of updates.

Understanding the significance of integrating with TJS Solutions' bespoke training management system, Croft implemented a robust solution. The website was designed to effortlessly manage courses, providing a seamless experience for both administrators and end-users. This integration added a layer of efficiency to TJS Solutions' operations, making course management a streamlined process.

Results and Impact:

The collaboration between TJS Solutions and Croft resulted in a website that exceeded expectations with key outcomes including:

Enhanced Performance: The custom-coded website demonstrated superior performance compared to off-the-shelf alternatives, offering a smoother user experience and faster loading times.

Seamless Integration: The integration with TJS Solutions' training management system streamlined course management, reducing administrative burden and enhancing overall operational efficiency.

Future-Proof Solution: Croft's forward-thinking approach ensured that the website was not only aesthetically pleasing but also equipped to adapt to future technological advancements without major overhauls.


The TJS Solutions project stands as a testament to Croft's ability to provide tailored website solutions that outshine generic off-the-shelf platforms. By leveraging their skills and experience, Croft delivered a website that not only met the client's immediate needs but also positioned them for sustained success in the ever-evolving digital landscape. This project showcases the value of collaboration between a skilled web designer and a forward-thinking client in achieving outstanding results.

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