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Case Study

Driving Success for Business on The Move with Croft’s Web Design Expertise

Client Introduction:

Business on The Move approached Croft based on a referral from a mutual contact. Recognising the potential for enhancing their online presence, Business on The Move sought Croft's expertise to revamp their website and improve its performance.

Business on The Move's existing website was not driving the desired traffic or adequately showcasing their products whilst lacking modern design elements and resulting in a suboptimal user experience and journey. Business on The Move wanted to extend their online presence with a Learning Zone to educate customers about the logistics industry.

The Solution – Croft's Strategic Approach:

Croft initiated the project by conducting detailed discussions with Business on The Move to understand their requirements. After a thorough analysis of the existing website, Croft developed a comprehensive strategy outlining how they could boost website traffic, improve user experience, and enhance content to ultimately drive sales.

Croft's design team then crafted a modern website that not only met Business on The Move's design preferences but also prioritised user experience and journey optimization. The new design aligned seamlessly with the high quality of Business on The Move's products. In addition to the main website, Croft's development team created a dedicated Learning Zone. This interactive platform allowed Business on The Move's customers to access valuable information about the game while also gaining insights into the logistics industry, fostering customer engagement and education.

Consistent with Croft's standard practice, the website was built with a user-friendly Content Management System. This empowered Business on The Move to manage their own website content independently. However, Croft remained readily available to offer support or address any queries that arose.

Results and Impact:

The collaboration between Croft and Business on The Move yielded significant positive outcomes:

Increased Website Traffic and Sales: Croft's strategic improvements resulted in a notable increase in website traffic, translating into higher sales for Business on The Move.

Enhanced User Experience: The modernised design and optimised user experience led to positive feedback from visitors, contributing to a more favourable perception of Business on The Move's brand.

Educational Learning Zone: The newly developed Learning Zone became a valuable resource for customers, enriching their understanding of the logistics industry and fostering a sense of community.

Empowered Content Management: The implemented CMS allowed Business on The Move to independently manage and update their website content, ensuring flexibility and autonomy.


The Business on The Move project stands as a testament to Croft's ability to transform online presence strategically. By combining modern design, user experience optimisation, and a dedicated Learning Zone, Croft not only met the client's objectives but exceeded expectations. This case study showcases Croft's commitment to empowering clients with user-friendly CMS solutions while providing ongoing support. The images below highlight the remarkable transformation achieved through this collaborative effort.

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